Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Please Pray and Meditate on 29th of July; Lord Muruga and Gurubabji is going to shower their blessings!

29th July 2016 - A special day for Lord Muruga's devotees....
Rejithji has received a message from "Lord Muruga". The message conveys that, on July 29, as per Lord Muruga's direction "Guru Babaji" is going to begin a new mission for ''PAZHANI MURUGA YUGAM''. As a result of which, all devotees who pray Lord Muruga and Guru Babaji on this day will be blessed with a special source of energy. Malaysia's Batu cave Murugan temple will be the place, that gets reflected with this energy- the most !!!. Hence request all devotees of Malaysia to visit Batu cave Murugan temple to make their prayers on this special day ....

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